Bottle Brush Tree Naples

A Red Cluster bottle Brush works very well as a specimen tree for a yard with limited space. Its upright rounded crown can be easily kept in check for a manicured look. The flower spikes shaped like a bottle brush appear on and off all year more in warmer months and attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

A great landscape accent plant, this bottlebrush tree is perfect for the corner of the house or near the entry though not too near, honeybees love the red flowers.

Plant the bottlebrush tree in a sunny location. It can survive in some shade, but it will not develop its full flowering potential unless it has full sun exposure. Water a recently planted bottlebrush tree frequently. Once the plant is established, it will not need regular watering. An established bottlebrush tree is tolerant of both drought conditions and the rainy season.

Fertilize the bottlebrush tree with a low-phosphorous fertilizer in the spring and again in the autumn. Fertilizing the bottlebrush tree helps it to maintain the color of both its bright red flowers and its dark green leaves.

Prune the lower branches of the bottlebrush tree to help it maintain its shape. This is especially true with the weeping varieties of bottlebrush. Try to prune only the branches that have already flowered.

Fast growing to 10 feet or more, Red Clusters are cold hardy, doing well anywhere in South Florida. A full sun location is best. The soft-textured foliage is evergreen and the plant is moderately salt-tolerant.